on-site training

strengthening your nonprofit culture (sync)

The purpose of this training is to help your organization strengthen its internal culture by identifying and agreeing on top shared values and determining actions to become more cohesive and, thereby, more effective in achieving your mission.


A qualified consultant will work with your organization to conduct this training and provide follow-up
Pre-Work: The Executive Director and the Board Chair will discuss organizational issues with the consultant. Organizational leaders will determine if the session will be a board, staff or a board/staff session. In advance of the work session, participants will take SYNERGY, an online instrument to gain insight on the top current organizational values. SYNERGY will be adapted to include the organization’s espoused values.
Work Session: On-site at your organization; 4 hours total.

This interactive session will include

  • Reviewing the components of organizational culture
  • Identifying participants’ values that are important to them in the work setting
  • Discussing the results of SYNERGY
  • Identifying the values required to strengthen the organization’s culture
  • Developing and prioritizing actions to help align the organization’s culture
  • Identifying “champions” of those actions, who take responsibility for next steps

After completion of this training, the organization will receive a written report summarizing the process and listing agreed upon actions for next steps to strengthen the organization’s culture. The report will include:

  • SYNERGY report on organizational values, with executive summary highlighting key results
  • Prioritized action steps to strengthen organizational values
  • Organizational champions to lead the actions
follow-up assistance

Champions identified on the day of the training may engage with the consultant in follow-up assistance over
the subsequent four months. Additionally, the organization will have the opportunity to re-take SYNERGY as
an organization in six months at a nominal cost.
Confidentiality – The process and report are confidential to the organization and WNC Nonprofit Pathways.

Evaluation – Training participants are asked to complete an evaluation form. Additionally, Pathways will follow up to track the extent to which the organization improves and/or changes in response to the learning.


Eligible WNC organizations have a budget over $100,000, two or more paid staff, an active board of directors, and have had their nonprofit status for at least two years.

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