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Have you wondered what the Board needs to know related to financial issues of a nonprofit organization? This training will answer this important question, which is determining the fate of many organizations in the current economic environment.

This on-site session includes a review of basic financial management tools that help the board and staff fulfill their financial management oversight responsibility to monitor, evaluate, plan and make informed decisions. While organizations are unique, many with their own terminology and reporting methods, good financial management should incorporate a number of essential components – which are covered in this training.


A qualified consultant will work with your organization to conduct this training and provide follow-up assistance.
Pre-Work: Key leaders will provide specified advance information including financial and planning documents, then meet with the consultant to review the material and discuss organizational issues.
Work Session: On-site at your organization; 3 hours total.

This interactive session will include detailed discussion on each of the following core topics

  • Financial Planning ‐ The Annual Budget
  • Financial Documentation
  • Using Financial Information
  • Financial Controls, Policies and Procedures
  • Financial Leadership and Adaptability

On each topic, the group will gain information then discuss what is working well in your organization and what key areas need to be strengthened for the future.


After completion of this training, the organization will receive a written report summarizing the process and listing agreed upon actions for next steps to strengthen the organization’s financial management and leadership.

follow-up assistance

Organizations may engage with the consultant in follow-up assistance over the subsequent four months, with the goal of jump-starting some of the priority steps identified during the session.
Confidentiality – The process and report are confidential to the organization and WNC Nonprofit Pathways
Evaluation – Training participants are asked to complete an evaluation form. Additionally, Pathways will follow up to track the extent to which the organization improves and/or changes in response to the learning.


Eligible WNC organizations have a budget over $100,000, two or more paid staff, an active board of directors, and have had their nonprofit status for at least two years.

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