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fundraising for advocacy for nonprofits

The purpose of this training is to help your organization develop a new and important avenue for leadership – public policy advocacy.


This workshop will explore how policy decisions can hinder or help your mission and clients, and how to link policy advocacy to your organization’s values.

Board members will

  • Learn about advocacy resources, and
  • See how to create infrastructure for making decisions about advocacy that are consistent with their values and responsive to the dynamic policy landscape.

Pre-Work The executive director and board chair will spend time in brief preparation with the consultant, including completing a survey of organizational advocacy experience. Additionally, the consultant will review mission and values statement (if available) and the organization’s work.
Board Session On-site at your organization; takes three hours of the full Board’s time. Many organizations schedule this session in place of a regular Board meeting.

The goals of this training are to:

  • Examine how public policy decisions impact your organization’s mission and clients
  • Gain familiarity with the values-based public policy advocacy model
  • Review a variety of infrastructure and action tools that your nonprofit can adopt
  • Learn that lobbying is both legal and needed
  • Discuss next steps that your organization might take to create infrastructure for values-based public policy advocacy

The interactive Board Session will cover

  • Defining advocacy and policy – and public policy advocacy
  • Why should nonprofits do public policy advocacy and how is different from direct services?
  • How does public policy impact your organization’s mission and clients?
  • Values-based public policy advocacy model introduction. This discussion on values and infrastructure is where the Board needs to invest its time and provide leadership.
  • What does my organization need to begin a public policy advocacy campaign/action?
    • Identify where to advocate
    • Identify and define an advocacy toolbox
    • A decision-making process/tools that can leverage your organization’s resources to opportunities to make a difference
  • What kind of actions might your organization take?
  • How do you evaluate advocacy work?

Follow-Up Report and Coaching After the completion of this training, the organization receives a written report summarizing the process and listing agreed-upon priorities for next steps to pursue an advocacy program. The organization staff can access coaching from the instructor to help address priorities identified in the workshop.

Confidentiality The process and report are confidential to the organization and WNC Nonprofit Pathways.

 Training participants are asked to complete an evaluation form. Additionally, Pathways will follow up to track the extent to which the organization improves and/or changes in response to the learning.


Eligible WNC organizations have a budget over $100,000, two or more paid staff, an active board of directors, and have had their nonprofit status for at least two years.

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