Consultant Sign-up Instructions

1. Collect the Required Materials
2. Complete the online form to submit your firm profile.
3. Email [email protected] for information about submitting your references.
4. Approval and Publication of Your Listing

It is recommended that you print this page for use during the enrollment process.

1. Collect Required Materials Before You Begin
Before you begin, please be sure that you have collected the following information; required items are in bold type:

  • Contact info: mailing address, phone, fax, email, web address
  • A description of your practice/firm (not to exceed 500 words)
  • Number of years experience (paid nonprofit; unpaid nonprofit; and consulting)
  • Types of service(s) offered – (Advocacy/Public policy, Board Governance/Development, Communications/Marketing, Diversity/Equity/Inclusion/Access, Financial Management, Fundraising/Development, Human Resources, Information Technology, Organizational Development/Change, Organizational Management, Program Planning and Evaluation)
  • Current professional affiliations and licenses
  • Two references for each area of expertise you list. Name, phone, email, and type of service and year completed are required for each reference.

Note that all information submitted will be reviewed by WNC Nonprofit Pathways before being posted to the directory. We will contact you with any questions.

2. Register for the Directory
Please fill out the online form. There is no login account creation necessary.

Your Firm Profile
This form is about you and your company (contact info, professional experience, etc.), including a summary of your consulting practice

Your Areas of Expertise
For each Area of Expertise, you are required to indicate at least one specific Type of Service that you provide.
For each Area of Expertise, you are required to list at least two References of nonprofit organizations for whom you have provided services, at least one of which is located within the 18-county area of Western North Carolina; you may use the same references for different areas if you wish.

3. Approval and Publication of Your Listing
After submitting the profile form, please email your references to [email protected]. Upon approval, your listing will be made public.

We want to address any questions or concerns that may arise. Please send a message to [email protected] and we will respond. Thank you.

WNC Consultant Form


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