our approach:

We aim to meet nonprofits where they are, helping each organization to recognize their current strengths and needs, and identify next steps to move to the next level.

Click here to see our most recent Program Results Report to learn about our current work.

we help nonprofits in two ways:

building skills

Come and join us! These workshops and events are open to all WNC nonprofit staff, board members, and volunteers. Register for a class to learn key nonprofit management skills and concepts, take part in a webinar, get to know other committed nonprofit leaders in the region, and go back to your organization with some clear next steps for how to put what you’ve learned into practice.

strengthening organizations

We bring these programs to you. These services, consistent in concept yet tailored for individual organizational needs, are designed to help mature nonprofits become stronger in a variety of areas. We can help you identify where your organization is on the typical nonprofit lifecycle (see below), understand your strengths and challenges in the Four Core Capacities of nonprofit effectiveness, and get moving on the cycle to improve your organization’s sustainability. Click here to learn more about the Four Core Capacities and Organizational Culture.

the lifecycle of a nonprofit


Western North Carolina Nonprofit Pathways
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