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Boards in Motion:  Moving from Diversity to Equity

Tamiko Ambrose Murray (Center for Participatory Change) and Kate Pett (Asheville City Schools Foundation) explore the role of racial equity at the board level and delve into one board’s story on the road toward achieving greater equity.

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All Aboard!  Preparing for Changes in Overtime and More with Carol Rovello

This timely program addresses common challenges associated with the upcoming changes in overtime and other personnel regulations.  Obtain important information about basic Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requirements, better understand how the upcoming changes will impact your organization, and identify key steps needed to be ready for the deadline. (Please note, webinar begins at 00:18 in the recording)

*UPDATE: A federal judge in Texas has blocked the Department of Labor’s new federal overtime rule, which was scheduled to go into effect December 1 and would require paying overtime to most workers making less than $47,476 a year.  Until a final decision is reached, employers may follow the existing rule. For more information, read the article here.
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Webinar Overtime slides

Additional Information on Exempt Criteria

DOL WHD Guidence for Nonprofits

DOF Fact Sheet 22 Hours Worked

29 CFR Fixed Salary for Fluctuating Hours

NCDOL Handy Reference Guide to Wage & Hour Act

NC Center for Nonprofits – Start Planning Now for Overtime Changes

Time Management Keys for the Nonprofit Leader with Russ Seagle.

Learn how to get in control of your time and get more done in a day with less stress and better results. Russ shares the time management keys used by successful leaders and executives.

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3 Keys to Outrageous Fundraising Success with Sandy Rees.

Nonprofit fundraising coach and author Sandy Rees, CFRE, offers 3 keys to successfully raising the annual dollars your organization needs to operate. Learn tips and strategies that really work!

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