Kathleen D. Osta
Vital Clarity
90 Aurora Drive #2
Asheville NC 28805-6603
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Member and Mentor Trainer in the ToP® Trainers Network (Technology of Participation), part of the Institute of Cultural Affairs
Asheville Chamber of Commerce

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Vital Clarity exists to serve as a reliable facilitation and training resource for people who work in groups, teams, organizations, and businesses.

President and founder, Kathleen Osta, brings decades of experience and facilitation mastery to her work with for-profit and nonprofit businesses. She values the crucial role that nonprofit organizations play in their communities and is committed to delivering customized services that support their successful development – as they define it. With the ability to tap into the wisdom of each group, she galvanizes the group’s commitment to fulfilling the organization’s or business’ mission.

An early career in the nonprofit sector as a social worker, program director, fund raiser, public relations professional, and leadership team member equips her with practical experience in how businesses function. Whether your business has a long track record or is in its infancy, Kathleen’s services bring a new level of cohesiveness to its direction and relationships.

Her approach to strategic planning results in an inspired vision of your future and a clear path to make it a reality – complete with a focus on priority issues and a follow-up schedule of progress meetings.

All of Vital Clarity’s services are characterized by:

•     High levels of participation

•     Consensus outcomes that are owned by the group

•     Follow through on focused actions

Kathleen surfaces the often latent alignment within groups that fuels the successful implementation of action plans.

Services and facilitator attributes you can count on are:

• Masterful facilitation skills in long- & short-term strategic planning

• Creative and time-efficient brainstorming experiences that result in true consensus

• Change management and facilitative leadership training

Participatory Strategic Planning

Starts with a three- to five-year vision of a desired future, coupled with a one-year calendar that is populated with specific, measurable projects that address organizational priorities.

In addition to having a comprehensive plan that guides day-to-day decision making and helps people stay “on the same page,” components of the strategic plan document can be used for:

• board member recruitment efforts

• new employee orientation

• annual report narrative

• grant applications and funding reports

• certification applications

It is a living, breathing, relevant plan that capitalizes on areas of alignment and key priorities.

Change Management

Change is inevitable. Individuals and groups who have well-developed “change muscles” move through and make the most of changes as they occur. This three-hour module provides a cognitive understanding of the emotional experience that can reduce productivity and throw good plans off track.

By learning the natural cycle of change together, groups develop shared language and become better able to manage themselves through the unsettling aspects of change.

An optional action planning session may be added to make an immediate transfer of the group’s heightened awareness to needed tangible outcomes.


Facilitation Training

A two-day course in three facilitation methods is available for groups wanting to build internal facilitation capacity. These time-tested approaches are designed to improve effectiveness of meetings by eliciting a more complete and shared understanding of any topic or issue.


Organizational Development/Change

Managing Change and Growth, Mission Review and Development, Strategic Planning
Alison Cohen
Director of Programs
Mission Review and Development, 2009/2010 - associated with an organizational name change
Managing Change and Growth, Mission Review and Development, Strategic Planning
Karen Head
Mission Development, 2010 - newly-forming group
The H Group
Managing Change and Growth, Mission Review and Development, Strategic Planning
John Markley
CEO & President
618-937-6483, ext 7100
Guidance on due diligence for two merging organizations Negotiations Committee work from May 2011 through June 2012 - Phase 1 Guidance on and facilitation of the creation of an Integration Plan to address all merger-related priorities Managing Change training Facilitation Training for Strategic Direction Team Leads & Plan Coordinator Facilitation of Quarterly Progress Meetings Executive Coaching for both organization's leaders throughout
Building Bridges of Asheville
Managing Change and Growth, Mission Review and Development, Strategic Planning
Ron Ballard
Former Board Chair
Strategic Planning from 2005 to present; last Update Meeting May 2010 - with board and staff
Federation for Children with Special Needs
Collaboration and Mergers
Rich Robison
Executive Director Emeritus
Leadership Institute May 16 - 18, 2012 Meeting design, facilitation, training for collaboration between Special Education Directors (SPED) from 5 school districts and 4 - 5 parents from each district who have children receiving services. Each team developed an action plan using a consensus planning process that was wholly owned by all concerned, including implementation support.