The best and worst thing about running a nonprofit is understanding it will never be perfect and the challenges will never go away. All you can do is keep your eye on the mission, know there will be setbacks, and just keep going. When Amy Renigar stepped into her first-ever executive director position at Girls on the Run, she recognized a need for support right away. WNC Nonprofit Pathways became a helping hand.

“The organization had utilized Pathways before my arrival and had completed the Core Capacity Assessment Tool (CCAT). Seeing the results gave me pause in understanding there was much room for improvement and I was now in a leadership position to help move us forward,” said Renigar.

As Renigar settled into her new position, she decided to revisit the CCAT tool again a year later. The results indicated they were now better prepared to move forward with a clearer vision of the future.

“Pathways was right there with us to provide the resources we were needing to get this organization on the right footing,” said Renigar. “Our next step was the on-site Board Best Practices Training. With a few long-standing board members and many new board members in place, we were ready to gain a better understanding of our roles and responsibilities.”

A qualified consultant from Pathways worked with the board to guide them through the process of discovering what was working well and what areas needed improving. When the training was completed, the Girls on the Run board members were better prepared to prioritize what areas needed immediate focus and attention.

“Working together with the Pathways consultant allowed our board to create a stronger structure and come together with better communication skills,” said Renigar. “We all came away with a consensus on what action steps were most important moving forward and clearer roles regarding each other’s responsibilities.”

As the organization began to find its footing and become more familiar with the resources available to them, new opportunities arose that enabled Girls on the Run to achieve a new level of planning and funding. For their exceptional work, they were presented the 2015 Pace Setter Award for Capacity Building by Girls of the Run International for an outstanding strategic plan for fiscal years 2015-2017.

Girls on the Run continues to grow stronger each year and is better positioned to provide more and more young girls in third through eighth grades with the skills and experiences needed to navigate their world with joy, health and confidence. Renigar praises their continued collaboration with Pathways as a means for the success they are achieving.

“I don’t know where we would be without Pathways,” said Renigar. “They provided the resources and direction we needed to find and maintain our path to sustainability. The Pathways team is there for us with continued support for our personal and organizational development.”

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