Tamiko Ambrose Murray
Ambrose Consulting WNC
62 5th Avenue
Asheville, North Carolina 28806
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Tamiko Ambrose Murray is the founder and lead consultant of Ambrose Consulting. Her work is rooted in the belief that transformation is possible when impacted communities give voice to their experiences. She supports grassroots groups, foundations, nonprofits, and institutions who seek to engage in listening and learning toward strategy for social change.

A writer, community researcher, and racial equity practitioner with over a decade of extensive experience in nonprofit leadership, academia, community organizing, and participatory research, Tamiko’s practices include equity-informed facilitation, storytelling, community research and training.


Organizational Development/Change

Amy Mandel Katina Rodis Fund/Tzedek Social Justice Program
Equity-Informed Facilitation, Program Planning Evaluation
Heather Laine Talley
Director of Social Justice Leadership and Community Engagement
Phase One of a three-part process. Equity informed facilitation, storytelling, community research, building a healthy and equitable work community. Year Completed 2018
Green Opportunities
Equity-Informed Facilitation, Program Planning
J Hackett
Executive Director
(828) 785-0233
Year One of a two-year process. Equity-informed facilitation of community-led planning grant process. Year Completed 2017
Asheville City Schools Foundation
Community Research, Program Evaluation
Kate Pett
Executive Director
“Listening to Our Parents” project to gain greater understanding of parents’ experiences and perspectives at Isaac Dickson Elementary School. Community Interviews, Analysis and Synthesis of findings. Year Completed 2016