Sandra Smith
PO Box 1419
Skyland NC 28776
Unpaid Non-Profit Work (years):
Consulting Experience (years):
Current Professional Affiliations and Licenses:
Duke Nonprofit Management Certification
Certified Enneagram Consultant Enneagram Studies Narrative Tradition
Affiliate of Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition
Community Mediation Certification, Asheville Mediation Center
Member and past Conference Chair of Enneagram Association in Narrative Tradition
Accredited IEA Professional Speaker (International Enneagram Association)

Summary of your consulting practice and relevant experience:

I have 17 years of experience in a corporate setting and 14 years directing a nonprofit.

My work is not ‘business as usual.” I don’t attempt to “fix” or solve problems, but help staff members expand their perspective. “It’s not what we do, it’s how we see.” (Jeanne de Salzman) Increasing our capacity to take in numerous perspectives, improves our communication effectiveness and leadership abilities.

I use the Enneagram Personality System to explore nine distinct personality types, nine unique perspectives, ways we filter information, and the motivations that drive behaviors.

My work with staffs involves exploring the patterns and automatic approaches that limit growth and best performance in the organization. I create a safe container that enables colleagues to engage at the core of who they are, moving beyond superficial conversation to build trusting relationships and the ability to engage conflict creatively.

From this Enneagram training, participants will learn

• the unconscious placement of attention that drives energy
• inherent strengths and hidden inner resources of each of the nine types
• particular blind spots that limit growth and maintain unhealthy patterns
• the unconscious driver of reactivity
• each type’s verbal and nonverbal communication style

• broader perspective that honors diverse opinions
becoming more curious and less judgemental
• balanced use of strengths with clear boundaries
making space for other’s strengths
• strategies for moving beyond limiting patterns
creating more effectiveness in work as strengths expand
• more neutrality and presence in difficult times
engaging conflict creatively, allowing creative options to emerge
• increased clarity in communications
creating efficiency and smooth flow of information

The staff as a whole
• will learn the staff’s preferences and patterns that limit growth
and strategies for balancing, un-sticking and moving forward

Compulsions can shift to compassion, judgment to curiosity as we engage with self-awareness, those with whom we work and live.

I co-facilitate a podcast that is free to listeners:  Heart of the Enneagram with conversations with guests of the Nine Enneagram types.


Human Resources

Land of Sky United Church of Christ, Asheville
Amanda Hendler-Voss
Communication styles, blind spots and common ground were the focus as misunderstanding and miscommunication was resolved between church leaders. Spring, 2014
CarePartners, Asheville
Karen Verson
former HR Director
Met with department managers to resolve misunderstandings using the Enneagram's nine perspectives, and create space for each to hear and understand the other. January, 2013

Organizational Development/Change

Asheville Community Theatre
Conflict Management
Tamara Sparacino
Business Manager
828-254-1320 Ex 25
Worked with key organizational leader to understand triggers for reactivity in particular personality styles. November, 2013
CarePartners, Asheville
Conflict Management
Mitzi Holmes
Executive Director, Rehabilitation Hospital VP of Quality
(828) 274-9567, ext. 4058
The Rehabilitation team worked with conflict arising in transition times and developed more clarity in understanding the unique perspectives of team members. November, 2013

Organizational Management

Homeward Bound, Asheville
Team Building
Emily Ball
Director of Community Engagement
Team building using the Enneagram Personality System to understand other managers' perspectives in order to elevate trust. May, 2013
OASIS, Boone, NC
Team Building
Lesley Icenhour
Shelter Case Manager
The OASIS leadership team used the Enneagram as a guide to understanding each other more fully and to participate in self care strategies. October, 2013
OnTrack, Asheville
Leadership Training
Celeste Collins
Executive Director
The OnTrack leadership team worked with the Enneagram to learn how to better understand those they supervise. The following year, the entire staff engaged each other in articulating their unique perspectives, fears, and strengths. November, 2011,  October 2012
First Baptist Church, Asheville
Leadership Training
Guy Sayles
Senior Pastor
Worked with clergy leaders to understand motivations behind behaviors and core avoidances in order to support clarity in communication and effectiveness in working relationships. May, 2013
Asheville Community Theatre
Executive Management & Coaching
Susan Harper
Managing Director
Using the Enneagram, the director and I worked to deepen understanding of preferences, blind spots and gifts for more clarity in managing, communicating wtih, and motivating employees. March, 2014
Nickelodean Theatre, Columbia, SC
Executive Management & Coaching
Larry Hembree
Theatre Director
How to best motivate and communicate with the various Enneagram types of the staff  was the focus of our work. January 2014