Janis Allen
Performance Leadership
23 Unutsi Court
Brevard NC 28712
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Janis Allen established Performance Leadership Consulting following a successful 18-year career during which she focused on people-related performance in a variety of capacities. She has held the positions of Personnel Associate for J.P. Stevens; Plant Personnel Manager, Corporate Management Trainer and Internal Consultant for Milliken & Company; Editor-in-Chief of Performance Management magazine; and Vice President of Operations and Performance Consultant for Aubrey Daniels and Associates. Janis Allen’s workshop attendees’ most frequent comments are: “Wow, the time flew!” “What a fun way to learn,” and “I liked being up doing activities so much.”

Books by Janis Allen include: “You Made My Day: Creating Co-Worker Recognition and Relationships” (with Michael McCarthy, ©2000); “I Saw What You Did and I know Who You Are: Bloopers, Blunders and Success Stories on Giving and Receiving Recognition” (with Gail Snyder, ©1990); “Team Up!” ©2003; and “Performance Teams” (©1982), and a CD program Do’s & Don’ts for Delivering Recognition,” (with Michael Michael McCarthy ©2003). Janis Allen gives keynote addresses, motivational programs, training, and workshops on:

  • Serving Customers
  • Leadership Skills for Supervisors, Managers, and Non-supervisors
  • Creating a Positive Culture
  • Communication & Listening
  • Bedside Manner
  • Polished and Powerful Presentations
  • Leading Effective Meetings
  • Building Teams and Trust
  • Manage Your Time Like It’s All You’ve Got!

References available on request


Board Governance/Development

Waynesville Public Art Commission
Board Training/Development , Team Building & Trust Building
Jan Griffin
Chairman, Board of Commissioners
In March 2012, I worked with the Board Chairman to design and deliver a retreat for the full board and Waynesville Town Government. Our goals were as follows: a. create a process for identifying long-term and short-term goals and their timelines, b. create a process for completing arts projects, c. creating back-up plans to be used for timely project completion if obstacles were encountered during initial plans, d. Identify committees to be formed, e. Design a plan for communicating with the community, and f. give positive recognition to board members, staff members, artists, and volunteers. These goals were all achieved with input from all attendees present, resulting in enthusiastic adoption of plans and actions committed to by each attendee for accountability at the following month's regular meeting.
Brevard Music Center Volunteer Association
Board Training/Development , Team Building & Trust Building
Michel Robertson
Past President
In 2009, custom-designed and led a workshop for Brevard Music Center Association board members and guests. Purpose: to involve past presidents and past board members who had become inactive as volunteers after their terms had ended. The current board realized it was missing the valuable experience and knowledge of past officers, and wanted to "entice" these people to become involved again.
Baptist Relief Center, Waynesville, NC
Board Training/Development , Team Building & Trust Building
Betty Inman
In 2011, with Director Betty Inman, developed and presented a workshop for leadership development which included: Adapting to and handling change Positive problem-solving and conflict resolution Teamwork
Auxiliary & Volunteers - Transylvania Regional Hospital
Board Training/Development , Team Building & Trust Building
Kristen Connor
Former Human Resource Director Transylvania Regional Hospital (now at Inova Health System in Wash, D.C. area)
In 2009, consulted with the President of Transylvania Regional Hospital's Auxiliary to develop teamwork between the auxiliary officers and the hospital professional staff and continued an earlier program of leadership training for hospital supervisors, managers, and professionals.


Haywood Vocational Opportunities
Communications Planning , Professional Presentation Skills
George Marshall
President & CEO
In 2011 and 2012, custom-designed and delivered change management and communication skills training for managers and supervisors, including: How to Create a More Positive Culture Five Top Skills for People Who Work with People Conducting Performance Reviews Dealing with Difficult People Positive Problem-solving and Conflict Resolution Managing Change Managing Time Managing Stress Customer Service
University of North Carolina - Charlotte
Communications Planning , Professional Presentation Skills
Samantha Abt-Baumgarner
Director, Continuing Education
In 2011, designed and presented training, "Leading Effective Meetings" for participants from a variety of organizations.Topics included: Dealing with difficult or non-responsive participants Cutting meeting time in half while making meetings more productive Involve participants to gain ownership of your meeting's goals 7 ways to get people to meetings on time In 2012, created and conducted "Powerful Public Speaking and Presentations" for professionals who represent their organizations to outside groups, sell ideas, or report on projects and performance. Some of the topics: How to view your audience as your customers, and plan your presentation accordingly Appealing on both fact and feeling levels Capitalize on your strengths and develop your weak areas Overcome fear and use your audience to help you success Use the 10 secrets of body language, voice tone, and facial expression to make your presentation come alive
Alternative Learning Center, Waynesville, NC
Communications Planning , Professional Presentation Skills
Kyle Ledford
In 2010, designed and delivered communication workshops for high-school-age students in an alternative school. Engaged individuals over a period of 6 months using understanding of their personal goals to help them learn and practice: How to make a good first impression How to introduce yourself and interview with confidence Create a resume which showcases your skills and experience How to communicate effectively, get a job, keep a job, and succeed Confident and effective public speaking Business tours, research, and learning about jobs
Union County Development Board, Union, SC
Communications Planning , Professional Presentation Skills
Andrena Powell-Baker
Executive Director
In 2012, created and presented "Powerful Professionals" for Union County Development Board's local nonprofit partners in economic development. The event was given to appreciate and honor the above-and-beyond cooperation given by 12 professionals in Union County during the previous year. This event served as appreciation, marketing, and community team-building, and included: What is your communication style: Transactional or Relational? Meeting our everyday challenges in dealing with people - both internal customers and external customers You Made My Day: Creating Co-worker Recognition and Relationships (quick research and group reporting from this book, authored by Janis Allen)

Human Resources

Foothills Industries
Personnel Policies
Steve Early
Chief Executive Officer
In 2012, created and presented Cultural Competencies Training for professional and management staff. Included activities which: 1. Created Cultural Competencies Mission and Vision Statements 2. Administered Diversity Awareness Assessment questionnaire to identify areas for individual growth, and assigned on-the-job applications to be used and then reported at the final class. 2. Created additional training materials for future hires and to share with additional staff as needed. Included lists of specific behaviors which demonstrate Cultural Competencies. 3. Customized material to comply with Smoky Mountain Center's requirements for certification.

Organizational Development/Change

Town of Maggie Valley
Strategic Planning , Engagement of Stakeholders
Ron DeSimone
In 2012, worked with Maggie Valley Mayor Ron DeSimone's Business Advisory Council to engage all business owners in Maggie Valley's Revitalization Plan. The Team: Mayor, Strategic Planning Consultant, Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Town Manager, Tourism & Development Director, Events & Festivals Director, and Haywood Community College's Small Business Director. Together, we designed and implemented a five-month process to engage business owners. My specific role was designing and conducting "FUNdamentals of Moving Maggie Forward." The outcome was to identify common interests and begin cooperative actions to help other businesses succeed, rather than in "silos." We designed and introduced www.movingmaggieforward.com for the purpose of sharing expertise, special events, and kudos from one business owner to another. The goal is to attract visitors and keep them longer.

Organizational Management

LifeSpan Services
Leadership Training, Team Building
Rachel Bemis
Former Training Coordinator for LifeSpan Services(she's now HR Director at Mission Hospital System)
In 2009, with LifeSpan's Training Coordinator, designed and presented 36-hour Leadership Training course for the organization's supervisors and managers from five Western North Carolina locations. Built training content on LifeSpan's mission of caring customer service to disabled clients and their families. Training included a. What It Means to Be a Supervisor, b.Listening and Communication, c.Authority and Responsibility, d. Delegating and Motivating, e. Problem-solving Without Finger-pointing, f.Conflict Resolution, and g. Creating a More Positive Culture.
Haywood Vocational Opportunities
Leadership Training, Team Building
George Marshall
President & CEO
828-456-4455 x1103
From 2009-2011, worked with HVO HR Manager to customize Leadership Training for HVO's supervisors and managers. Led highly interactive training using actual on-the-job case studies to practice tools for communicating effectively and supervising to maximize performance. Training included: The Role of Supervisors, Giving Positive Reinforcement That Doesn't Cost a Dime, "Knock Your Socks Off" Customer Service, Team Problem-solving, Performance Coaching and Mentoring, and Time Management.
Lake Junaluska Methodist Assembly
Leadership Training, Team Building
Karen Kirby
Human Resource Director
From 2009-2010, designed and conducted quarterly Leadership Development and Team-building Workshops for Lake Junaluska's 33 managers, supervisors, and executives. Workshop topics included: Coaching and Correcting Setting S.M.A.R.T Goals Using Data, Visual Feedback, and Graphs for Performance Coaching Leader Expectations and The Pygmalion Effect in Management Communication & Listening Skills Conflict Resolution & Positive Problem-solving People Styles at Work Time Management Stress Management How to Motivate and Inspire Team Members Empower the Behaviors to Create "Exceptional Experience" for Your Guests Christian Behaviors at Work Values, Strengths, and Interests
Champion Credit Union
Leadership Training, Team Building
Mike Clayton
President & CEO
In 2009, custom-designed and delivered Leadership Training for supervisors and managers. Topics included: How You Can Make or Break My Day Coaching, Training, and Delegating Developing, Empowering, and Motivating Creating a More Positive Culture Office-to-office Communications Building Teamwork
Givens Estates
Leadership Training, Team Building
Teresa Stephens
Executive Assistant
In 2012, Annual Retreat for Directors: Respect and Recognition. Interviewed and involved all participants to include their input and insights, then created and led a retreat which addressed Givens Estates' specific goals and resulted in action plans in five specific areas. Retreat included team-building activities for these professional colleagues, small group analysis and recommendations, and involvement of the whole group in deciding improvement actions going forward. Participants received a copy of Janis Allen's book You Made My Day: Creating Co-worker Recognition and Relationships, which they read as pre-work and reported on during the retreat. Participants also received an audio program on CD (Dos & Don'ts for Delivering Recognition: What Everyone Who Works With People Needs to Know), for continuing education, tips, and the opportunity to share the retreat's ideas with their employees. Follow-up plans and notes were sent after the retreat to assist the group in putting their ideas into concrete actions in their organization.


Human Resource Development Training Academy, Greensboro, NC
Curriculum Design, Training Implementation
Rinda Green
Director, Community & Corporate Programs
In 2010, created and presented "Secrets of Retention and Engagement" for Human Resource Development Trainers of North Carolina. Topics included: Improve class attendance by making classes exciting, fun, and engaging Develop individual responsibility of participants while teaching your course material Involve all your students by addressing all 7 of the adult learning styles: Visual, Aural, Written, Physical, Logical, Social, and Solitary Use students’ energies to make yours a class they won’t want to miss
JobsNOW Training: WorkPlace Readiness
Curriculum Design, Training Implementation
Rinda Green
JobsNOW Coordinator
In 2010, created and delivered Workplace Readiness Training for Western North Carolina's JobsNOW courses (designed to prepare job-seekers quickly for positions which were being hired in Western North Carolina): Phlebotomist, Nursing Assistant, Green Building Contracting, Medical Office Assistant, and Auto Technician. The Workplace Readiness Section of these Courses included: Organization, time management, and stress management Customer service skills Conflict resolution Interpersonal skills Budgeting and money matters Resume-writing and job search basics Teamwork and team-building Interview skills and practice
Mayland Community College, Spruce Pine, NC
Curriculum Design, Training Implementation
Ted Ollis
Director, Customized Training
1. Designed and presented Communications Workshop for members of Avery, Yancey, and Mitchell Counties. 2. Custom-designed and presented training for Managers and Supervisors at Buck Stove Manufacturing, which included Effective Communications, People Styles at Work, Conflict Resolution, and Teambuilding. 3. Custom-designed and presented training for Managers and Supervisors at Banner's Cabinets, which included Creating a More Positive Culture, Listening and Communications, People Styles at Work, Problem-solving without Finger-pointing, Giving and Receiving Positive Recognition, and Teamwork.
McDowell Technical Community College, Marion, NC
Curriculum Design, Training Implementation
Eddie Shuford
Coordinator, Customized Programs
From 2009-2011, designed and presented customized training in the areas of: Supervisory development Project management Time management Leadership skills
Vision Brevard/Transylvania Leadership Program
Curriculum Design, Training Implementation
Madrid Zimmerman
Steering Committee & Executive Director, Heart of Brevard Downtown Association
With the Vision Leadership Program Director in 2010, designed and led 1 1/2-day opening retreat for new participants in this 9-month program. This retreat included: Ice-breakers and getting to know fellow participants, who were from all areas of the U.S. and international hometowns Activities to identify differences in points of view of Transylvania County natives vs. those who moved to the county from other parts of the world Discovering how teamwork can be built or be broken Communication tools which break down barriers and possible defensiveness, e. giving and receiving positive recognition. This retreat prepared these 22 strangers to enter a 9-month course with appreciation for the talents and skills of each other, and to complete a successful and bonding experience after their graduation.
Marketing Association for Rehabilitation Centers (MARC)
Curriculum Design, Training Implementation
Noel Watts
President & CEO
In 2011, worked with MARC's President/CEO to design and deliver training for supervisors and informal leaders from MARC's member facilities in 14 counties in Western North Carolina. The training included Problem-solving, Conflict Resolution, and Customer Service. Training was ongoing with on-the-job applications between sessions. Successful stories were reported and shared at each session, enabling participants from different facilities to learn from each other, as well as develop personal contacts for future support and learning.
Teacher Academy - Transylvania County
Curriculum Design, Training Implementation
Glenda McCarson
Director, Transylvania Campus, Blue Ridge Community College
In 2009, worked with Glenda McCarson, Blue Ridge Center Director, and Dr. Scott Elliott, Assistant Superintendent of Transylvania County Schools, to design and deliver "Career Academy" for selected middle and high school teachers." This enabled teachers to prepare students for business careers. Topics included: 21st Century Skills: What Employers Expect Train-the-trainer techniques to engage and interest students Professional skills such as dress, introductions, and handshakes Researching business careers: entry level and opportunities for promotion How to develop and deliver business presentations In 2000, custom-designed and delivered "In-service Workshop for All Staff" at Blue Ridge Community College. Topics included: Business etiquette Department-to-department communications Customer service that will knock their socks off
Christian Women's Job Corps, Waynesville, NC
Curriculum Design, Training Implementation
Samantha Ledford
In 2010 and 2011, with Samantha Ledford, developed and delivered two training programs for disadvantaged women. LifeWorks I is a 12-week program helping participants develop life skills and job-seeking skills, which includes: "what are you good at?" "your personality type," "your barriers," "your pride list," "your positive stories," "setting and achieving personal goals," "fulfilling personal responsibilities," "priorities, organization, and time management," "money matters," "rising above conflict and negativity," and "dealing with difficult people." LifeWorks II is a 16-week program building on the first course, which teaches: "positive communication," "relationship skills," "stress: symptoms, sources, and solutions," "prepare for a job and a career,"positive problem-solving," "tolerance and flexibility, "listening skills," presentations & public speaking," "building teamwork," "business etiquette," "customer service," "project-planning, feedback, and coaching," "leadership skills," "job search," "interview skills," and "advanced public speaking."
President's Advisory Council, Haywood Community College, Clyde, NC
Curriculum Design, Training Implementation
Dr. Rose Johnson
For Dr. Rose Johnson's College Advisory Council in 2012, presented "How to Deal With Difficult People" and "The Power of Positive Reinforcement."
A-B Tech Community College, Asheville, NC
Curriculum Design, Training Implementation
Cindy Hamilton
Executive Director, Customized Training
828-254-1921 x5823
In 2011 and 2012, designed and presented customized training for Buncombe County participants. Topics included: Leadership Skills Supervisor Development Customer Service Train-the-Trainer
Southwestern Community College, Sylva, NC
Curriculum Design, Training Implementation
Tommy Dennison
Director, Small Business Center
800-447-4091 x7019
In 2012, designed and presented Leadership Skills Training. Topics included: Communication and Listening Conflict Resolution Problem-solving without Finger-pointing Data, Feedback, Graphing, and Coaching for Performance Change Management Time Management Stress Management Giving Non-monetary Positive Recognition Team-building and Teamwork