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Equity Over Everything
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Equity Over Everything (EOE) specializes in equity audits, consultations, and education/training of individuals, businesses, and organizations. EOE has a sincere passion for facilitating organizations through policy, practice, and procedural changes that advance diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Our Approach

As an equity advocate, Equity Over Everything  strives to always create a safe environment in which our clients can see themselves more clearly. This allows us to identify gaps between where your organization is and where you want and/or need to be as it relates to diversity, equity, and inclusion. This lends itself to us creating SMART goals and action plans that often require a shift in behavior and habits. These goals and plans then become the guiding structure for your accountability and shape our work together.

About the Principal Consultant Aisha Adams 

Aisha Adams is an influencer with a heart for community economic development who champions social change advocates, thought leaders, and courageous disruptors. She is founder and CEO of the Equity Over Everything and partner organization Aisha Adams Media Group, which advances equity by closing gaps in entrepreneurship and homeownership in low-resource communities. Aisha’s other ventures include The Asheville View, a daytime-style talk show that addresses “hot button” issues in Asheville, Nappy Thoughts, a personal blog followed by thousands of people on social media, and the Entrepreneurial Accelerator, a business bootcamp that ties fledgling businesses to community resources. She is also the program developer for the Lenoir-Rhyne Equity & Diversity Institute (LREDI). Aisha earned her bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and her Master of Science degree in Adult Education from Capella University.

We Offer 

Equity audits are a list of recommendations based on an analysis of your company’s current policies, practices, and procedures.

Common types of equity audits:

Physical spaces, blueprints, employee handbooks, social media benefits packages, job descriptions, programs, applications, marketing plans, HR policies, websites, social media, marketing materials, branding, admission policies and grant processes. *Other types of audits are available upon request.

Training offered in 2 ways:

  • Credential Training is offered through Lenoir-Rhyne University Equity & Diversity Institute
  • Directly through Equity Over Everything

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • DEI Statement Development
  • Eliminating Bias (Title IX)
  • DEI for fundraisers
  • DEI for B Corps
  • Inclusive Program Design



Community Engagements & Special Projects
Kate Pett
Executive Director
Equity Over Everything directed special projects and community engagement. EOE also provided video production services and designed and facilitated projects and courses. Past projects include: Vote AVL and Finding Home.
MLK Association
Website Updates & Social Media Promotion
Dr. Joseph L. Fox
Vice Chair of the Board
Equity Over Everything provided website updates on an ongoing basis. EOE also provided social media promotion and video production services.


Venture-Winston Grants
DEI Marketing Plan & Equity Audit
Kasem Rodriguez Mohsen
Equity Over Everything assisted with projects, performed equity audits, and developed a DEI Marketing plan.
Asheville Community Arts Theater
Policy & Program Audits
Susan Harper
Executive Director
Equity Over Everything performed policy, programs and physical space audits.