The Children’s Program Coordinator (CPC) supports the childcare needs of Family Place programs. The CPS will be a trained facilitator and supervise the Children’s Team members in daily programing.

 Responsible for scheduling of childcare staff.
 Plan a variety of age-appropriate activities for young children in all developmental areas
 Train in children’s programming curriculum and will use this during playgroups
 Work with the Program Director to train and supervise paid and volunteer staff
 Directly responsible for supervision of part-time childcare workers
 Facilitate playgroups, educational playtime and childcare
 Coordinate childcare activities to assure sufficient adult supervision of children
 Assist with evaluation data collection, including intake/outtake testing
 Organize and maintain clean and safe meeting room space and playroom
 Treat all staff, clients, volunteers, and community partners with respect
 Promote a positive image of The Family Place and reflect The Family Place’s values at all times
 Organize and implement field trips
 Data entry and management
 Participate in staff meetings
 Participate in outreach activities and special events
 Serve on committees with community partners and other stakeholders as needed
 Other duties as assigned

For more information about this position or to apply, email Denise Gonzalez at

The rate of pay for this position is $15/hour.  The deadline to apply is March 1, 2022.