In early 2014, the team at The Center for Craft, Creativity & Design (CCCD) was adrift in a sea of transition. Their demands were expanding, yet their capacity was not keeping pace. They were exhausted with few reserves to propel them. It was time to steer in a new direction and reach out for support.

WNC Nonprofit Pathways was there for them by providing a network of resources as well as the encouragement that they needed to move their mission forward.

CCCD (established 1996) is dedicated to advancing the field of craft through education, research, and professional development. CCCD serves as a catalyst for producing programs across institutions, colleges, and communities in Western North Carolina and across the United States.  “Doing the important work we love and are passionate about is often a thankless job,” said CCCD Executive Director Stephanie Moore. “Being a part of something bigger, and having the camaraderie of our peers, is so critically important. We needed a local network to anchor us and found it with WNC Nonprofit Pathways.”

The first step was utilizing the Core Capacity Assessment Tool to identify their strengths and challenges. The assessment, available through Pathway’s website, provided a real-time picture to begin planning for future capacity building.

It was learning on the go as CCCD moved through the transition from being part of the UNC system to buying their own building in downtown Asheville and setting the stage to operate as an independent nonprofit. “We had to start where we were and create a focused strategy to lead and let go,” said Moore. “It was time to step away from the old model in order to learn and change. Pathways had resources we needed to tackle these challenges.”

In 2013, Moore was selected for the WNC Nonprofit Pathways Leadership program.  This program pulls together leaders from the nonprofit sector who spend a year growing skills and knowledge in order to better guide their organizations. By participating in Pathways’ leadership program, Moore was prepared for the unexpected and willing to push the boundaries. “There is strength in numbers,” said Moore. “I learned so much from working with a talented group of peers. They forced me to look inward and take steps to move out of my comfort zone.” These days, CCCD is moving full speed ahead.

With a strong foundation, new building, and committed board leadership, Moore believes they are on course and ready to go full sail. “WNC Nonprofit Pathways provided an anchor we needed through our transition. Their role will be constant as we move forward,” said Moore.
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