Power in Numbers Bookkeeping Cooperative works in solidarity with black, brown, immigrant, and queer people and organizations.

Power in Numbers is a worker-owned coop and believe that a democratic structure, where all members have shared rights and responsibilities, makes the business strong & resilient.

Power in Numbers is looking for the right person to join their team and for someone who has bookkeeping and accounting experience. Also someone who is excited about the values of the Coop and you also:
• Really know your way around QuickBooks Online (QB Desktop experience also a plus)
• Quickly find and resolve errors
• Can compile accurate financial statements tailored to client needs
• Have Excel and Google Sheets skills
• Are proficient and comfortable learning new software

Please email info@powerinnumbers.coop for info on how to apply; the website is not yet live.

This position starts at 30 hours/week at $20/hour. Once hired you’d be on track to become a worker-owner in our co-op; worker-owners also share in the profits
of the business. The office is located in the Emma community of west Asheville; this is not a remote position.